Wednesday Morning


  1. We made homemade tortillas last weekend (and again during the week) to go with some homemade cheese and chorizo and other things. And I was thinking, I should have taken pictures and posted about it. Now I see you beat me to it. Funny!

    P.S. Now that I've made homemade tortillas I will never buy packaged ones ever again.

  2. Crazy how we're on the same wavelength! What recipe did you use? We've also been doing homemade pasta pretty much every week lately--have you tried that yet? To die for!

  3. there is nothing like homemade tortillas. YUM doesn't even describe them.

  4. Becca,

    We were inspired by a cooking show by Rick Bayless (we love him, watch his show all the time and are so lucky that his restaurants are in Chicago.) So we used his recipes to make the tortillas and homemade cheese.

    Finished up the last of the homemade tortillas last night by making some fish tacos. Yum!

  5. wow! these look fantastic! and they look like a very hands on for an 8 year old learning to cook project.
    do you have a favorite recipe?

  6. They would be a great 8-year-old (with a bit of Momma help, I would think) cooking project! The recipe I used was this: http://orangette.blogspot.com/2005/07/on-independence-day-and-tyranny-of-bad.html

    We just had the second half of the batch I made on the 7th this evening for supper. I had just thrown them in a ziplock in the freezer, and they were perfect when thawed!


  7. you have got me obsessed with making my own tortillas!
    Does your recipe use coconut oil or shortening?