We've all been feeling unwell (the three girls with an upper respiratory virus and M. with an unhappy back) for the past couple of weeks, and consequently, not much leaving the house has been happening. We've been doing lots of nice, slow home stuff...

The number of hours I clocked with C. in the Ergo over the past few weeks, especially when she was feverish and teething, is rather astonishing. And led to rather obsessive knitting (what else could I get done when she was only happy when I was rocking back and forth in one place?).

I thought this cotton/linen tank top was going to be a long-term project. Nope--7 days.

We've also been doing lots of baking and cooking and, when we have had appetites (don't worry, M's never faltered), eating and eating. Today I was inspired by Origami Mommy's post, and we turned a bit of the oatmeal ricotta bread dough into sweet Korean pancakes that were heavenly!

We've also been doing a good bit of art--papier mâché bowls, fingerpainting, and lots of writing and coloring.

Despite all this good stuff, though, I'm so relieved we're on the mend. I do need some time away from the mommying throughout the week and being able to breath and move without aching seems like a lovely idea. Although it was hectic with catch-up, work was a welcome change. It felt a bit fresher than it has in a bit; I've been in a bit of a rut. Guess I needed a bit of forced down time.

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