Fast Felt

I've been learning about my creating self as this making-stuff-constantly thing continues. It turns out I really like little projects that I can get done pronto; these days I don't seem to have a long enough attention span for any longer term projects. I really like things I can get started and finished in about a day's work (which could mean several hours or minutes, depending on what is allotted on that day).

I guess this isn't really much of a surprise. I'm not the most patient person, I'm a bit manic at times, and I tend get really into and somewhat obsessed by the project/thought/activity of the moment. And, it turns out I've brought two little girls into the world who also seem to possess these traits. It's going to be interesting around here in a few years, me thinks...

Recently, my obsession has turned to little storage objects to help discourage the ever-present (and soon taking over the world) clutter in this house. So, I've been starting to plot and plan some objects for this purpose. Specifically, quickie objects to this end.

Over the weekend, I made a mediocre fabric bucket. It holds bags of dried fruit just fine, but is not terribly pleasing aesthetically. More serious work with π is needed.

Monday, though, the focus was wool and felting:

Here's my odd little felted box. Not sure yet what it will hold, other than the sweet little felted rocks we also made Monday. This felting project was a perfect fit for us. Quick, easy, tactile. Perfect for a momma wanting instant craftiness and a three-year-old wanting hands-on control.

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