Deciduous Autumn

It's so good when we find ourselves at a weekend, when we push through the laziness, and find ourselves outside, delighting in this best of all seasons. There's this rush of excitement that courses through me when I get a whiff of that fall smell. It means that apples and pumpkins will be fresh and willing to join other flavors in my kitchen. It also means that the thrill of the first snowfall is right around the corner. It means my favorite colors will splash into just about every view.

However, every year, there's nostalgia and a bit of sadness as I realize that it means that the year is coming to a close, that the nights are growing longer, that the sweet days of summer really are behind us. This year it feels even more bittersweet. If all goes according to plan, this will be our last year in this home and in this particular climate. We hope to start the next school year somewhere a bit more maritime, with more evergreens and less snow. I can't wait to move, to be in the lovely landscape over there, to venture some new starts, and, most importantly, to be closer to more of our family. But, my heart aches to be leaving this climate and this lovely world of fall smells, colors, and sensations. I hope that I will have been able to instill a little bit of my love for this place and this time of year in my girls. I want them to have at least a flicker of recognition if they get a bit of that scent or a glimpse of some brilliantly crimsoned maples.


  1. Wowsers! I thought I'd clicked on the wrong bookmark! How pretty this all is. You have cute kids.

  2. ...and I share your feelings about loving and leaving this climate.