After much fanfare and talk, I finally have made (and taken a photo of) J.'s new underpants!! Actually, the making occurred a couple of weeks ago; taking a picture during daylight hours proved to be a bit trickier! Where does the time go?

I'm pretty pleased with them. I bought and used this pattern, and then went into our old t-shirt stash and to the Salvation Army in search of soft, stretchy t-shirts. They're quite cute, and I was able to add some extra padding to absorb accidents (although I'm still experimenting with this part). They were a bit time-intensive, but they work the way I want them to, they were not made in China (or at least in this incarnation they weren't), and J. has a concrete reminder that her momma is helping her with this transition. Hopefully she won't be horrified when she realizes at age 16 that her mother made her underwear when she was 2. But, I'm hoping to do many more loving and embarrassing things before then, so she'll just have to add this one to the list!

The quilt, by the way, was made by Oma. However, in not too long (before 2010 anyway), I hope to post a picture of the quilt for C. I'm finally almost finished with!

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