Pumpkin Bread to the Rescue!

This was not a good morning. I woke up grumpy and tired, J. flatly refused to get up and was not pleased with the world when she finally acquiesced, and C. would have nothing to do with a morning nap. Even Bailey wouldn't lie in the doll sling properly.

So, I decided baking cures all. We had some pureed pumpkin left over from making some yummy pumpkin pancakes the other day, so I decided to make some pumpkin bread. I used the Fannie Farmer Cookbook recipe we love. Thankfully C. did finally decide a nap was a good idea, and J. and I were able to connect and concoct.

We love finding an occasion to get the nutmegs out!

J. carefully helped chop nuts with Mommy's Grammie's chopper.

The final addition.

So, the morning wasn't a loss, entirely. Sadly, naptime didn't come easily. I'm hoping that the lovely loaves of bread waiting for us downstairs after our snoozes will start the afternoon off right.

p.s. The photo of the recipe is my addition to this week's number hunt with "it begins with a colour".

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  1. P. (aka Grammie)June 4, 2009 at 3:50 PM

    Love those solid little hands!