"Life Moves Pretty Fast"

Sometimes, it is all a blur.

This afternoon, C. gobbled up her weight in rice cereal and then was eyeing my palak paneer and nan this evening. But wasn't it just yesterday that she latched on for the first time? Soon, we'll introduce her to oatmeal, then bananas, then avocado, and soon the mango lassies her sister sucks down in seconds flat will be a part of her menu, too!

And, speaking of that sister of hers...how fast she is growing and changing! This week, on a lovely visit to the playground, J. tried the monkey bars for the first time (with lots of help, but she's able to reach them!!!!). On this same trip, she awe-struck her mother by, out of the blue, identifying a mourning dove's song.

The break-neck speed with which these girls are moving through their early lives is staggering! To be truthful, I'm not the type who is mournful and terribly upset about my kids' growing up. Sure, there are pangs as I know I'll never do this or that again, but, really, I'm so excited to get to know these amazing people more and more. I find I like each age better than the previous one. I can't wait to know all the intricacies of these girls as they grow, even (especially!) when they are teenagers!

But, I do want to keep reminding myself to be mindful in this time as in all the others to follow. That moment the other day when J. told me that it was a mourning dove she was hearing brought that home to me. It was a perfect moment, and one that I'm so grateful I managed to experience in focus.

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