Finding Time

I took this photo over a month ago, now. I was looking up into the catalpa tree in our backyard. The catalpa is always a indicator to me that the summer is starting, that our wedding anniversary is about a week away, and that the local world's blooming has just begun in earnest. As I took it, I had lots of thoughts about what I might write about it, what other images I might pair it with, etc. But, finding the time and energy to put those thoughts into words, those words into sentences to create a posting has proved to be too much over the last month.

So, the catalpa is long past, the lavender has gone, too, we've already eaten the strawberries and cherries our local market had to offer, and even the everlasting peas are starting to fade. We are fully into summer--eating corn and hoping for blueberries in the next CSA share, even thinking about the apples to come. Not to mention, I'll have a six-month-old come Saturday!

This year has been so busy and finding balance in all of it has been a challenge and one that keeps shifting. Deciding what to do with the brief moments of alone time, I've found, is an art in and of itself. I need to find a place of quiet within me for moment to make a good choice about what the next activity will be, but finding that quiet is really hard, especially when I'm sleep-deprived and feeling scrambled from balancing my multiple selves. It's hard to have to choose between the many things that interest me, that I feel need to get done, that challenge me, that are important to me or someone else in my household, that calm and relax me, and that help me celebrate and create.

Blogging has not been at the top of the list. Living this past month has felt more important than recording it. It has been a hard month, at times, what with a toddler struggling to find her own balance between independence and connection and a baby trying to devour the world, starting with me!, but wonderfully full and delightful. Here are some highlights:

J. (rather passively) explores a fire truck on the 4th of July.


Everyone's eating carrots now!!

A visit to the Eric Carle Museum

C. multi-tasking

J's first pool swim (C. went in, too, but there was no one to take a picture at that point!)

And, lovely time with people we love!

There are many more lovely images from this last month, but I need to honor my need for balance now. I need sleep!

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  1. I am finding that summer is a hard time to post, with all of the outdoor activity and day trips and little vacations, it's hard to be inside at the computer!